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Teach for Italy - The Educational Challenge

Kelmer Middle East, together with the support of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE, is pleased to invite you to a Networking Breakfast on September 23rd 2019 from 9 am to 11 am.

The internationally acclaimed speaker Gesu Antonio Baez, Member of the Board of Directors of Teach for Italy will be in Dubai presenting the ambitious project  Teach For Italy – Insegnare Per L’Italia, a non-profit organization aiming to

transform public education in Italy and raise the quality of teaching in the most underserved schools in the country. This month, Teach For Italy will become an official partner of Teach For All, an international organization working in 50 countries to provide children the chance of a high-quality education.

We are determined to break the cycle of educational inequality.
Education remains the best enabler to help young Italians to climb the socio-economic ladder and fulfill their potential. Yet, Italy has become one of the most unequal countries in terms of education outcomes.
In Italy today, only 10% of children whose parents did not go to university will get a degree. While 76% of students with a parent who has a degree will get one.

A systemic lack of investment in education and increasing socio-economic inequality are leading the public education system to fail an ever-higher number of young people, particularly in low-income communities.
Italy today has one of the highest rates of student drop-outs in the developed world and the second highest percentage of young people who are not employed or in some sort of training or education in the EU.
We cannot afford to lose an entire generation.

The aim is to strengthen the public education system and attract new talent and energy into the teaching profession. For more information about their program and how it works, please visit their website: www.teachforitaly.org

Teach For Italy vision will only come true with support from the corporate sector and private philanthropists. The Italian business community internationally, often symbol of success and a form of pride for the country, is built on the personal success of many Italians who through the right educational opportunities and hard work, have become the best ambassadors to Italy abroad.

We hope to see you to learn more about Teach For Italy plans for the future and to become a part of a growing international network of partners who want to give back by supporting this project. 

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